In Greece . In China in 1975, residents of Haicheng reported unusual animal behavior just before a 7.3 earthquake that killed 2,000 people. That’s the first thing anyone wants to know after an earthquake like the one the East Coast felt today. Like other animals, dogs feel the earthquake before us. Check out our collection of more than 250 videos about pet training, animal behavior, dog and cat breeds and more. Similar examples go back as far as 373 B.C. This was known since antiquity. This could be an increase in your dog's activity levels, heightened anxiety, barking, whining, and even trying to escape or flee. Dogs and earthquakes: behavior of dogs before an earthquake In fact, in Greek history, historians of the time wrote that in 373 BC animals left the city of Helice a few days before an earthquake devastated it. According to … However, the key factor reported by dog owners who have witnessed their dogs acting out of the ordinary before an earthquake is simply any abnormal change in behavior. In 2011, Japanese researchers launched a study to investigate dog behavior after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit the Pacific Coast of Tohoku in Japan.