I think they could have done a little better with the cause-and-effect of changing things in the past. Like most movies you have to suspend your belief a bit. A phone that can call the mast is no more outrageous than a ship that can travel at 10x the speed of light. Not great. Frustrated by the status quo, fifteen-year-old Sean Crawford takes his dad's Tesla for a joy ride to see his crush - except he doesn't have a license and zero clue that the girl waiting for him is going to change his life forever in the span of a weekend.
Directed by Anastazja Davis. It is a decent movie. The ending seemed to be rushed. Disconnect 1h 47min | Comedy , Romance | 21 April 2018 (Kenya) A romantic comedy that brings out the intricacies and absurdities of the Nairobi dating scene.
Disconnect provides a cautionary tale to all of us who have been unconsciously seduced/blinded by all the shiny technological toys and apps we now (and will) use and deploy. Not bad. Decidedly, these toys and apps are a two-edged sword--providing a form of comfort and solace for some, but also capable of inflicting enormous pain and suffering to scores of others. With Bridger Zadina, Darya Hope, Olivia d'Abo, C. Thomas Howell.